Coki basses

how tf do you get this synth sound, want that mental corkscrewing vibe

i don’t have massive, use abletons operator 3 oscillator ting, i think i can hear 2 layers or maybe just a chord like an octave apart- lower one i think is getting more automation- but the basic sound wat is that,

gotta say i hear a lot of people try and sound like coki but rarely hear people that have his talent for the bonkers midrange wobble

yeah that rusty machine workshop sounding synth he does is mad

tree trunk also an example

alot of cokis basses use weird metallic/digital waveforms, maelstrom in reason id guess

id say making basses like this is 90% finding a decent starting point rather than any fancy processing

maybe try a synth where the oscillators can FM each other…possible ring mod as well, a bit of high feedback short delay maybe too?

thanks for the suggestions, been frustrating afternoon, glad i’m not trying to make tunes during that ‘make the filthiest wobble’ period of time, would not have done well in that scene

I once read an interview where he if I recall correctly told he uses Reason stacked Subtractor synths. If you try the metallic waveforms (20-25) you already get the basic sound, the rest is up to you.