Coki - Lucifer / Ruff Lovin' for sale

New copy. Anyone interested in buying this? let me know much can you offer.

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will u swap for vg+ goblin?

sorry mate, no trades, I need money :wink:

lucifer is a tune

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yeah big plate, someone on 4thewax on facebook was after it the other day if you’re stilll looking to shift it

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how much? gimme a straight up price i aint haggling

lets ssay forty quid inc shipping to the UK

I’ll sell you one of mine for £39

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Never negotiate in public tbh.

Also, bare in mind, it goes for $99.99 on discogs.

This is unplayed copy, only once taken out from its sleeve to take a photo and as I said Im open to offers, but I wont sell it for 15-20 or so. Anyone interested pls send me prv message

The highest it’s ever sold for on Discogs is £35…don’t be that guy

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I didnt say I wont sell it cheaper :wink:

ill give you a fiver and an unwashed sock

or a photocopy of the dog poster of midnight


sold for 33,50 on 4thewax thanks !