Commodo Gantz Kahn Sub Sound Design

what the fuck did they use for sub? seems like a fast pitch/amp modulated sub. But listening it well sounds like a looped thing with metallic sound. Can’t get my head around it. Any clues?

could also be different layers of the same sub sound tuned slightly off key to eachother to create beat frequencies

tried also that with some FM, to no avail. I mean I got close…but not really close.

I just assumed they used voodoo or something

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the little wobbly bits sound like phase cancellation to me

I’d use chorus on a sine wave layered with a quiet and low passed square. Vibrato on their oscillators. There seems to be something layered on them, maybe another oscillator, with reverb or maybe delay. Not sure, sounds spacious though. Maybe they added a panning LFO and then an inverted delay.
In the second part it’s a reese, which you can stick a sin under or just boost in an eq. Sounds like they would’ve just boosted it.

yep, I’m much in the first part, the second is quite obvious ^^

I’ve screwed around with about 30 different ways to make a sub that would work “musically” this sounds like a lowpassed detuned square. It couls be almost any waveform with detune but to keep it clean id use a square or sine. The amount of voices I feel should be low too. like 2 - 4

who feels confident to post a clip and replicate it? I may have a go too…

Id post but my laptop is busted.

just an automated lfo on a sub with some pitch drop.
A bit wider and maybe a bit more detuned than what i made here:

this ep is so fucking good :gunfinger:

[quote=“HaXy, post:11, topic:3954”]
just an automated lfo on a sub
[/quote]don’t think so. the sub on this tune is definitely two different patches. one super chunky distorted sub with some crazy LFO action (sounds like super fast lfo with slower lfo on top to give it lopsided vibe) for the first half of the tune with no mid, then a definitely more subdued, less headroom munching sub on the second part.

the second sub definitely sounds like some weird detuned FM business with modulation on the filters & some super fast delays to give it that girth. there are gently hi-passed duplicates of the 2nd drop midrange that are being layered/panned/delayed to give it that morphing sound.

Don’t think so. Probably way more simple.

I had some good results with : square low passed + tremolo…

people don’t actually think producers do all of this right?..

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None of that is particularly difficult or takes more than 3 minutes to set up.