Commodo - How What Time Opinions

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So just unboxed it yesterday, giving it a run through right now with some coffee. I’ve enjoyed each tune individually so far, Trim is good too, I think the B-side of disc 1 is the most fire as a whole so far, Hadi, My Liege, Russian glass really stood out, not taking away from the other tunes but that whole stretch is a reload from me. Just loaded up the next plate on deck 2 and giving it a go now.

I love the tubular bells on the the 3rd song of disc 2… I’ll post up when I flip to the label.

it was sleepwave, Flood & Sleepwave are top notch.

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sitting down to it now : )

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Think Set it straight is getting skipped over a bit because we all had the promo for time already but its a still nasty tune, Kofte is well quirky and has a nice shuffle to it. I dunno man, without trying to sound like a fanboy this whole album is excellent and leaves me wanting to play it again. I can see how it would not feel like a “dubstep” album to a younger crowd but this is definitely a gem for the jaded oldfag fam. 0% ice cream.

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It’s ok, he obviously went for the leftfield approach, Floods is my favourite tune so far but that’s subject to change

How Dare You is a Percival.


Just found this thread again lol

This album really grew on me tbh. I’d be tempted to call it a top 10 dubstep album at this point, but not sure if I wanna commit myself to that statement haha

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Yeh this one really held up over time in my opinion, I feel personally like he’s gotten better and better. Like his older stuff is great (Space Cash is classic obviously) but this album was the best he’d put out by that time imo, and by now my favourites are ones like Daytona and 1001 that again from a textural and detail standpoint are so distinctive and tasty in a way that isn’t just about being a banger. I feel like there’s something very advanced in his choice of sound usage

I’ve been going through his older stuff a lot recently and I’m honestly amazed at how distinct and sick his sound design has been throughout his discography. In the future he’ll definitely be looked at as one of the great dubstep artists (not just the newer lot, but across dubsteps lifetime)

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right on queue it got a repress…