Commodo - How What Time Opinions

What did everyone think of it? I’ve only listened through a couple of times but I am slightly underwhelmed. I feel like he released all his strongest tracks before the album release.

Hopefully it will grow on me.

EDIT - It has grown on me big time

For me it’s sufficiently dubstep, to me the music will always be at that point of intersection for a variety of music, he’s got more grime and hip hop influences than most others in the scene, but that’s not a bad thing imo. It’s also quite focused on that territory throughout. Like at no point is it obviously this, or obviously that, but always somewhere in between with system relevance. That’s dubstep, imo.
Definitely agree that the strongest stuff had already come out. That said there’s nothing I actually dislike on it, and it’s only been a few hours that I’ve had it so that’ll probably change in the coming months.
Glad he didn’t go fully vocal on this one.
1.5 Listens so far.

yeah jess is pretty much in the right ballpark. Album is pretty solid though, sonically wise it’s quite consistent so nothing felt out of place but each track does stand out on his own. Can definetely tell commodo was trynna be more experimental as opposed to just putting out space cash 3.0 or something.

6.5/10 based on my first listen

Yeah, surprisingly melodic throughout.

Russian Glass is beautiful.

im liking hadi hadi ah,my liege,floods and sleepwave, the others will probably grow on me

So I’m waiting for my vinyl shipment but I’m itching to weigh in on this because just from what I’ve heard from previews I feel its going to be a well crunchy mature album with nice textures and a breath of fresh that steps out of the dubstep.jpg mold.

Where’d you buy it?
Some places allow you to download vinyl purchases too.


Ah, don’t think they do.

been waiting on getting the plate in, havent even listened to the previews yet haha

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My liege is the standout one for me so far

Yeah that’s why i buy anything that comes under databeats (deep medi, black acre, etc) from their site so u get the free 320s on release day. I’ve said it before, but i think you should always get at least free 320s when ur buying new vinyl releases these days.

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Too true! I get it if the release is vinyl only, but these days that’s not too frequently done.

And sorry to keep plugging bandcamp, but they give you a choice of 320, wav, flac, aiff, wmv, and I think some others.

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it really grew on me, I think it’s really outstanding. Sleepwave is my favorite track right now but it’s been changing a lot


My Liege/Hadi Hadi Ah/Sleepwave, love it. All in all i think it’s a solid effort, and it kept my attention and each track stands out on its own. I really like the melodic work throughout, alot more melodic than i thought it would be and that’s cool. Liking the sonic excursions like Köfte Cloud to, love the mans drums/general audio fuckery.

I think working with Gantz really rubbed off on him.

Kofte cloud is really growing on me, such a good track

Edit - Sleepwave too, beautiful track and that bell sound is so hypnotic

lots of solid tracks on here, nothing that really stands out as an unforgettable tune though for me. seems like more of a project/continuous album type of thing.

i do hear a lot of gantz influence, like the vocal in hadi hadi ah with the delay, reminds me a lot of the vocals and some of the one shots in baby face and spry

sleepwave, my liege, and hadi gotta be my personal favs

Ppl forgetting about How Dare You

That come out on a 12" on its tod with another Commodore banger on the flip and everyone would’ve been chucking each other out the ring


Yeah this one’s too much

Godzilla stomping business

edit - I keep getting surprised at how hench this is