Commodo - S is for Snakes ({won't be on} DEEP MEDi)

evening chaps, im new here but been making dubstep for about 6 years now on and off. used to have an old account on here but it got closed i can only assume. decided to get back involved and just wondered if anyones got any release details on this banger?

its good to be back

nice to have you back
if no answers here try asking the ninjas like swerver.

ps do people still complain about how much reverb compa uses or is that a dead joke?


saw commodo play recently, asked him after his set if there was any plan for it and he said “next year”

Not coming out on Medi, but coming soon

Yeah dunno why I put medi in the thread title tbh, but cheers for the info

it already came out on fabriclive 90

That’s digital only, I expect it’s getting a full vinyl release as well

Lol welcome back! That clickbait tho

hahaha clickbait not intentional… just making myself known! seems theres a lot of people on here in to a lot of different variants of music. i remember getting lambasted for liking rusko about 7 or 8 years ago, how things have changed!

also, i didnt realise there was an unmixed version of fabric 90 available? really hope there is, theat kahn and neek remix of topper top is grizzly


woiiiiiiiiii. that refix of rules of the dance, had my ear on that for about 6 months

lol i got that and the topper top remix cut to vinyl from those wavs :joy:

hahaha geeza, im gonna have to watch for when youre playing out

lol the only playing out i do is in my mates kitchen :joy:

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you seen the video of when mala drops the original mix of topper top on boiler room? mate what i would have done to be there

yeah topper top certainly goes off :gunfinger: the most hyped track of 2016 for sure