COMPETITION: Foley Bag Film Score

Here’s the idea for the competition:

  1. Score a film scene
  • Under-five minute clip
  • Silent (to be scored) and post-copyright (to be legally distributed)
  • By vote
  • Now taking nominees (keep it to 1 or 2 per person I think)
  • eg, Metropolis, Nosferatu, Caligari, Trip to the Moon, etc
  1. Foley sample grab bag
  • Everybody contributes three samples they recorded themselves
  • Under one minute per clip
  • Only use these samples (as per sample comps)
  • Now taking contributions
  1. It’s a competition
  • Winner by vote
  • Entry self-nominations, film clip decision and sample collection by end of July(?)
  • Tune entries close end of August(?)
  • Now taking competitor nominees

Any questions or suggestions welcome.

My nominations for clip:

Metropolis (1927) dance scene

Maria’s Transformation

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Super like this idea but only a handful of ninjas are vaguely prepared… (@cyclopian cough cough…)

I’m on this.
But how to record samples with no mic…

Use your phone’s earbuds mic, and a nice wav recorder app.

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Or use your phone’s mic.
Or use your laptop’s mic.
Or use a camcorder’s mic.
Or plug an un-amped speaker into the input.
Or use your headphones in the input socket.
Or grab a $10 mic from your hifi/music shop.

Oh yeah, I’ll grab some samples of my own now.

Oh ok cool cheers, I did of all those methods, just figured it’d sound shitty without a proper mic.

haha, there are def some logistical issues I’ve thought of already, since I’ve been wanting to run this exact competition for a long time now… I have a feeling they will rear their head pretty hard on this one but…

Im down to enter, looking forward to some entries.

Think getting a short concise scene to use is key. Having a common space to upload said material is key. Getting people to build samples, build a score, edit the score on top of video and upload that is…a lot of work.

I really think we should eschew the social sample building part of it and just put together a pack of sounds and a film clip to make things more concise. Of course, people can contribute, but i dont think it should be a requirement for entry.

I think either of the metropolis scenes @Uncle_Jonno posted are near perfect to work with and I dont think we should really waste time voting on other scenes tbh. Maybe participants could select from either of the two?

Just my 2c though, im certainly down to do it as Jonno stated originally, but i just think there are too many moving pieces there.

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It’s how you use it bro.

It’s how you use it.

Not what you’ve got.

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I guess we keep the samples a surprise, so if you guys could PM them to me when you’re done thanks.

I’ve recorded a few things from around the house.

i’ll send some bits in the next few days :slight_smile:

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Me too, in a few days.

Yup few days.

How about something from the Quay Brothers or Jan Svankmeyer’s Alice?

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Love the Brothers Quay…


Great suggestions.

There’s a list of best silent films here:

I think I’ll title my soundtrack The Foley of Mankind.

Here’s a hand-painted Trip to the Moon.

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Hey guys.

You must have edited this one because I haven’t seen this part of your post.
Thanks for evaluating things.

I’ll dot point my responses.

  • I can count about five nominee movie clips to use, so I can start a vote.
  • Theoretically, if you just send me the tunes, I should be able to set them to the video’s exact timing if we all use the same clip download.
  • I can up the winning clip to my google drive in a low resolution (for ease of cpu when working).
  • I can upload the soundtracks together as one YouTube video with anonymous entry numbers in higher resolution.
  • If there are only a few sample contributers, I can take more than 3 each. Say even 5-10 each. In the event that there are too few sounds, I can just record more.
  • Contributing to the sample pack nor voting on the video clip is no longer a requirement nor exclusive to competition entry. In other words anyone can contribute, vote or enter as is convenient at that time.
  • If the timeframe of one month is a bit demanding, that can be extended (to two months, or anything).

How does that sound?

In the mean time, I’ll get a vote going.

Remember, I’m still accepting sample recordings (now up to 5-10 per person) until the end of July, when I want to get things started.

If the competition is a popular success, there is the possibility that t could become a regular (say, every weather season or st).

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Maximum of 2 votes out of five options.
Some clips would need to be clipped shorter.

  • Metropolis - Dance
  • Metropolis - Transformation
  • Alice
  • Streets of Crocodile
  • Trip to the Moon

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Been a bit busy last few days but I’ll have some sounds soon