Completed Tracks/EP. Feedback on overall production. *I need your ears!*

Hi folks!

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time lurker. Love this forum, and it has helped me either figure shit out, understand new things and move in a good direction.

So, i finished my first ever songs, and thought I’d come to you guys for feedback, more so on the production side of things. If you think there’s anything that stands out as needing fixed in my music, or corrected then please fill me in! you only get better by listening to people and learning.

I’ve never been confident enough to Link my music before so go easy!

(more electro)

(more “complextro”, sorry, with dub step overtones.)

Again, I’m open to all ideas and methods of improvement!

thanks folks!

Holy shit man those songs are dope. They sound so different, like I don’t think I have heard music like this in a while. I listened to Feed the noise and I was really impressed. Love the melodies in there and that guitar sound synth is dope :smiley:

And dude I can’t believe how much I love Melodic Deadite. The drop is awesome. I like how its all over the place and then you bring back in those melodies with that super synth haha. Keep up the great work bro can’t wait to hear some more stuff from ya :smiley:

Thanks mate, it’s tricky and I try to get melodies and stuff as sharp as I can. Seriously though, cheers!

Always learning though, there’s TOO much to learn!. I have a long distance to go!