Computer nerds, help?!

Torrenting a 100% legit (in legal terms) torrent of some foley recordings that is huge, and utorrent is using a good bit of cpu and 99%-100% of my disk? What in the actual fuck. Any nerds who know what’s wrong? I have utorrent 3.4.3 and googling has only manufactured processes that don’t work.

I don’t like being called a nerd :stuck_out_tongue: but:

Computer could be shit.
Are you running a lot of other programs?
Could very likely be a virus.
What are your settings for utorrent? You could be letting it use all your cpu for a faster download (haven’t messed with utorrent lately, so I’m not sure.)
Try turning off and restarting your computer.

Your computer could be shit.

(Kind of sounds like a disc problem. Might have been damaged or something. Or your OS could have been corrupted <-- happened to me and a similar thing occured

Not related to your question really but which torrent? If it’s on the up and up I’d love more foley.

Related to your question, it sounds like it could be a virus. Try doing a full system scan on your antivirus software. A generic fix-all I got from my dad is defragmenting your hard drive. Sometimes a good defragging can help things run faster and you can still run stuff while it’s running.

Your computer could be on the end of it’s rope and need to be replaced/have windows(insert os here) reinstalled. That happened to me two months ago and I had to backup everything and just wipe it. Runs great now.

I just bought the computer like a week ago lol it was the torrent itself that was doing it, once I got rid of it the shit went down. But then it went up again, and it looks like the problem was some “windows defender” windows 8 bullshit.

If you’ve got a recent computer and it’s got SSD, then DO NOT DEFRAG.

Didn’t go ssd, but thanks. Now other shit is making it do it, I need to contact support for my manufacturer (I know, I should have built my own)

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uTorrent uses CPU to mine bitcoins for itself. Could be that. Find a different torrent client.

Delete uTorrent.

Tried that. Been on with Dell support (I know, a Dell? don’t criticize me) and She’s been trying a buuuuuuuunch of shit. Even their support app makes my shit spike to 100% what kind of fuckery is this?

qBittorrent is waaay better. Free, and no adds.



after like 5 hours on chat and the phone with dell, they’re sending me a brand new one. they said there will be a return label on the box for me to send it back, but they didn’t say I would be billed or anything if I didn’t… Should I keep it? Am I a piece of shit for asking? I had to delete all my samples and shit off my computer due to my lack of an external, so I’m pretty pissed at Dell. Two wrongs don’t make a right though, so idk. Opinions?

Consider investing in:
CPU Accelerator program
Soid state hard drive
or just download razor game booster should help a little

Thats not a computer, its a toaster.

Switch to uTorrent 2.2.1, it’s the preferred client of most trackers. A lot of trackers will even ban you for using newer versions. New versions went to shit, but that one works a treat.