Concrete, Paris

I’m thinking of making a weekend of it in Paris to coincide with the RPR gang @ Concrete in late Feb.

Been wanting to visit this boat/club for some time now!

Anyone had any experience with the venue?

No advanced tickets it seems - door policy militant? or they pretty chill?

Also if anyone can recommend any good budget accom not too far from the venue, that’d but much appreciated!

never went there yet, but am going there next week to see Ben UFO / Call Super / Leif

a few friends of mine went there last week though and didn’t really enjoy it haha. seemed like the night was really super crowded though, so that probably played. From what I gather, it shouldn’t be too hard to get in - boat is huge and I don’t think they’re doing a Berghain-type selection -. However the queue is usually massive, so I would advise getting there early, and apparently the doormen really check everything - they checked inside my mate’s cigarette packet and his wallet. I think the soundsystem is good though. I guess I’ll be able to be more precise next week ahah.

Re: accommodation - it isn’t the most expansive neighbourhood in Paris so it should be possible to find something. it is near Gare d’Austerlitz, so you can also check for accommodations throughout Paris near line 5 - there should be places where it’s relatively cheap for Paris and from where you can get to Concrete easily via metro.

if you’re in Paris that weekend you may want to check the [Re]sources Night at La Java on Friday with Visionist and MM - La Java’s soundsystem is rubbish but the atmosphere is usually great and the night should be wicked

Nice one exfox!

Reassuring to hear they don’t play by the Berghain style door policy!

Be sure to hit me up with a more in depth review after your visit (if you get the time) - particularly on the door searches! haha!

RPR will undoubtedly draw a silly busy crowd but I plan on getting there nice a and early to catch the other artists on the bill. Namely Cabanne!

Cheers on the [Re]sources Night heads up - may pop by!

i have to say - despite all the prejudices i had and things i had heard, I had a great time there last night. of course you’re bound to have an audience full of Paris hipsters and kids who don’t know how to properly take drugs, but the atmosphere was still cool. soundsystem is great, place is really cool. we arrived there really early as nights are free before midnight, so we came around 10.30 to make sure we’d get in in time before midnight in case there were queues, but there was actually none at that time.
what I heard about the bouncers is true though, they really do check everything - for some reason I had a Kinder Surprise egg pod in the front pocket of my bag and they even opened it to see if there was something inside. they also checked to see if I’d hidden anything underneath the money in my wallet… so keep that in mind.

drinks inside were really cheaper than I thought though, cheaper than in most Paris nightclubs - 5€ for a 25cl beer, 8€ for a pint, 5€ for a red bull or shooter


that’s actually quite cheap for Paris haha. in clubs here it’s usually more around 12€ for a pint

fuck man,

it sure is great living in the ‘east’

Nice! Glad you had a good one! I’m sure Ben UFO killed it?!

Glad you mentioned the soundsystem was great as that was going to be my next question!

I’m going to the sunday day party which runs from 07:00 - 02:00. I still haven’t worked out my approach to avoid any ridiculous queues. I’m probably going to aim to go super early then pay the extra 5€ which enables me to leave and return a little later!

Searches i can deal with - usually get away with the old sock routine unless they go as far as to make people take their shoes off? Surely not. Haha!

8€ a pint doesn’t sit too well with me but it’s better than 12€ . I had no idea Paris was so expensive! Not too far off Ibiza prices!!

not saying this is routine (and i left paris years ago so it might have changed) but this has actually happened to me, not only once either :confused:

and re: expensive booze, the double whammy is that some bouncers won’t let you in if you look too inebriated so you cant even save money by doing your drinking before going…

i’m so glad i’m not partying in paris no mo

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