Contacting dsf community website

I’ve been blocked from getting on dsf for a few days,
some message about my contact being corrupted
on both lap-top & mobile
even though I wasn’t logged in & I couldn’t get onto the site through a search.

I shrugged my shoulders
and decided it might be time to leave…
maybe even a mods manoeuvre to shed me :uhhh:
but, today I retried & no problemo…
sorry about that…for coming back OR blaming you for my paranoia.

if I experienced another such outage
& wanted to contact someone to find out if it was a dsf problem or just mine,
who would i contact & how?

The site was down for everyone.

ta but question still applies

Shoot an email If you run into that problem again. It affected the whole site last time but we always appreciate a heads up when individual problems crop up as well :slight_smile:

it was just an expired ssl certificate…

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thanks fellas