Converge on Radar Radio. Riddles + Guest mix from Foamplate

Big mix from Foamplate, @Riddles in the mix either side! plus dubs from @Lye_Form, @hirszu, both our ropey radio voices and a few wheels.


took me a while, but I’m finally listening to this. :heart:

fuck me, that tune at 01:10:00 ish with the classical samples is heavy.

Giving it a listen now.

Had a look, not a clue haha. He gave out like 1 ID and his mate just hinted that the system one was in there , that was it!

I enjoyed the mix it was fresh
If you’d like you could check out my sound cloud and if there is a beat you like id be greatful if you put it in your mix
( )

@Johnlenham any chance of a dl for this mix?

Oh shit I forget it does not enable automatically. Done!

nice one :gunfinger: