Converting .als to .mid?

Any :ninja: know how to extract plain MIDI from the proprietary .als file format (without using Ableton)?

not sure if you can but if you send me the file I can export midi for ya

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.als files store a lot of data:

.als = ableton live set or template set (contains the layout of a set, such as tracks, devices, Clips etc).

Only one MIDI clip at a time can be exported unless you consolidate them all.

Looks like MusicXML w midi data when I look at an .als as a text file. Probably a way to boilerplate a find-and-replace template but would be easier if something parsed/rendered it for me.

@butter_man cheers, might take you up on that short term but p sure you’ll get mad when I send the 18th file to convert lol.

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try and get a copy of ableton lite should do the trick. Ill do this one if you like but im sure youll be more frustrated with turnaround off me time if your wanting multiple conversions over a time

I might be able to get you a serial for Ableton Live Lite if you want it.
90 day free trail for ableton!

edit: its really easy to export the midi from Ableton once you have the software up and running.