Convince me to buy FM8

I have been working in Serum for about a year now and I’m very happy with my sound design, however I would like to broaden my horizons a bit and am looking for a new synth to learn. I’ve heard excellent things about FM8, but the only FM synthesis I am familiar with comes from Serum bend modes. It seems like an appropriate next step to take, my question boils down to this: Is there anything I can do with FM8 that I can’t do with Serum? Is FM8 better than Serum in any aspects?

A wall of text incoming:

Imagine it like this: FM synthesis is a very deep ocean, like thousands of meters deep. Now there’s always people who are interested in deep oceans.

And there’s certainly interesting shit down there that can’t be seen anywhere else.

But is it still necessarily more enjoyable than living on the shore, enjoying the sun and drinking mojitos, diving just a little bit to see some coral reefs?

There’s definitely a reason why FM8 is so popular, especially among more experienced artists who know it inside out, but it’s not like every Massive or Serum user for example would enjoy it. Same way as not every diver is interested to grab a submarine to see these unique things that lie in the bottom of the ocean. However some of those who do, can get really hooked into it and spend rest of their lives doing research on these alien-like animals we have there.

I would wait for a discount (NI stuff, including FM8 is quite often on sale). When it’s on something like -50%, it’s absolutely worth it no matter what. But I wouldn’t pay the full price if I had Serum tho. Because Komplete 11 costs 600€ (regular price) while the full price of FM8 is 150€. And the value of Komplete (which includes like every NI software product) is still way more than 4 x FM8, especially when you still can stick to Serum (or any other modern heavyweight synth really) for the most stuff.

EDIT: Or then try the demo if there’s one (go on and find out).

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You’re the man, thanks for a thought-out response. Honestly that was super informative and I appreciate it. I’m gonna try the demo and wait for a discount.

No problem :slight_smile:

sytrus is better dont waste your time and money

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regardless to all suggestive aspect from the FM synthesis programming flow, FM synthesis is best to reproduce real instrument : piano, flute, violin… (btw i mainly use it to growl bass)

Sytrus is literally the best FM synthesizer on the market and is a way better investment than FM8

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Most industry people, like composers who make soundtracks for movies still tend to use samplers/sample based vsts while working on lower budget films and no real orchestra is hired.




Not exactly cheap stuff however.

Hey @Ag_U. Any chance you could PM me? I’m new to the forum (and still figuring out the messaging :sweat_smile:), and I’ve got a question about FM8 that I’d love to run by you if you’ve got a sec. Thanks!

You’re more likely get help over here in public. I’m quite sure there’s people here (even in this thread) with way more experience with FM8 than I do. I’ll answer as well tho if I can.

Sure! I’m actually a podcaster, and I’m working on a story about the DX7 and FM synthesis. I was hoping I could chat with someone who uses FM8–I’m trying to get a better sense of how much FM8 (and FM synthesis) gets used in music today and what you like about it, in contrast to other types of synthesis. I like the ocean analogy you used, and I’d be curious to plumb some of those depths as I work on this story!

I’m feeling rude right now, but not really interested, sorry.