COVIDWARS [battle!]

Iskeletor declared war



SICK (in a good way.)

Who would you like to see join in?

I might just watch if that’s okay

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Maybe like Pan Daijing, Swan Meat, Ars Was Taken, Mun Sing, Air Max 97, Slikback, Amnesia Scanner, Demdike Stare…

(Just 2 mek tinginteresting - all sound v diff.)

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I’ll have to check em out for sure

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Eva 808 would be cool . I wonder if youngsta would be into it ??


@Sophia yeah, call for Yunx & Eva808!

Eva808 could probably mash hard in a battle tbh.

Bare war dubs flying about. Hold tight I’ll send for ur mum then you’ll send me one back or something Who’s winning the war so far?