Crucial Recordings / Sleeper

Couldn’t find a thread so made a new one…some great podcasts from Sleeper/Crucial Recordings:

1st one isn’t on soundcloud anymore but you can download from that page ^, here’s the others:

No tracklist for 4th one yet, can anyone ID the track at 22:57 ?

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cant tell you the tune youre looking for but i’m pretty sure first half is only sleeper tunes and second half only foamplate

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Need a tracklist so bad for 005!

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Yeah I have it on repeat. One of my favourite mixes this year. A tracklist would be nice

Headland - Jetson Fold
Eva 808 - 2Ci
Nigia - Time Machine
Causa - Stages
Foamplate - Cargo (Crucial Recordings)
Sleeper - Spread Out
Distance - Scratch The Surface
Sleeper - Tooms
Causa - Bad Posture
Eva808 - Untitled
Sleeper - Burn Finger Dub
Ago - Backlash
Karma - Heal (Innamind Recordings)
Egoless - Super Echo
Sleeper - Operator Dub (Foamplate Version)
Deafblind - Second Strike
Mesck - Anti Social (Chestplate)
Mesck - Untitled
Sleeper - ???
Sleeper - ???
Ago - Trust Inc
Foamplate - 7.5 (Crucial Recordings)
Sleeper & District - Overflow (Chestplate)
Sleeper & District - Transitions (Chestplate)

First Sleeper - ??? is Warlord. Massive in my opinion. I was lucky enough to hear it live. I want it!

I really like these


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2nd tune in the mix is Sleeper right? That bleep bleep bleep one
Anyone knows the name ?

CRUCIAL004 is Sleeper by the way, Spread Out is the one

Foamplate has got some serious Sleeper tunes, like crazy good.

Also, Eva808 needs more releases. Crucial would be a good shout imo

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anyone id the tune that comes it at 47:35 in that new podcast ^^^ ?


spread out is fucking deadly

tracklist is up for 006:

Sleeper - Prayer Room Intro
Sleeper - Gassed Yout (Dub)
Distance - Mind Control (Sleeper Re-Dub)
Malleus - Damien (Dub)
Foamplate - Optimystic (Dub)
Sleeper - Coma Dub (Dub)
Sleeper - Operator Dub (Foamplate Version) (Crucial Dub)
Sleeper - Spread Out (Forthcoming Crucial)
Ago - That’s What I Was Talking About Back In '96 (Innamind)
Dub Diggerz - Dark Dawn (Dub)
Causa - Your Sick Mind (Dub)
Foamplate - Lionize (Forthcoming System)
Cult Mountain - 616 (Cult Mountain)
Oxóssi - The Tempest (Dub)
Sleeper - Burn Finger Dub (Forthcoming Crucial)
EGOLESS - Dub Liberation (System)
Oxossi - 60x9mm (Dub)
Headland & Djoser - Half Round (Dub)
Tsuruda - Stop! I’m Just Playin! (Bandcamp)
Manga - Spirits Freestyle (Prod Rudekid)
Sleeper & Thelem - Squeeze Off (SGC Dub)
Thelem - Haunted Harmonics VIP (Dub)
Hati - Candy (Bandcamp)
Beau Damian - Don’t Do Drugs (Terrorhythm Recordings)
Linval Thompson - Jamaican Colley Version (Trojan Records)

my money’s on this being foamplate Crucial Recordings 005


Crucial 005 is supposed to be by a new artist

there goes my money then, lucky it was only 50p