Crunchy highend?

Do you have any tips for mix/mastering like this?
they have very good crunchy high end

Here is my mixtape

Distortion distortion distortion. And a good mixdown/master.

that “crunchy high end” is just clipping.i thought you was gonna reference something along the lines of Feed Me or Spor,Tipper,Lorn (dat be crunchy) this is just clipping

It might be some of it but it sounds like the trick where you just layer in bright white noise. For better control I would duplicate the bass track and then just run a white noise patch in parallel with all of the same midi bass notes. EQ all of the bottom end off the noise and maybe use something like sample and hold if you are using Massive. Saturation and distortion might help there too.

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I’m not hearing any of that here.all i hear is the sustained portions of the sounds all inter-modulating with one another and clipping pretty hard (hats and synths,whatever transients there are up there )the cumulation might sound like white noise but i’m pretty sure it is just the combination of the elements interacting causing it to be perceived as such.more than one way to skin a cat though as they say

I use alot of AM shizz myself for pseudo dirty,busy top end but i don’t let it clip as hard as this

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oh yeah yeah, I was just talking about those drop synths. Soft clipping is the new black so its prob all over the track. It sounds like the crisp noise is coming from the claps and hats. In the very start, there is some sort of vinyl distortion too that might be playing through the entire track that adds to it. If you distort the top end of the percussion parts in some way and use a plate style reverb with long tails you can get that sustained noise that just sort of floats behind a track.

Here is what I was talking about…this is a pic of his waveform on one of the drops that sounds like 50% noise. The waveform looks reaaaally fuzzy but not clipped to hard.

this is the sound in the pic is at 1:31 ish