CT - Chicken and Soup [130 bass]



cool :smiley:


thx for the ears :slight_smile:


Hey mate, thank you for your feedback, here is yours:

Nice atmo, i like the vibe of the track.
But in my opinion you could use some more sounds, the whole track sounds “empty” for me. That may be just subjective, but i guess you would have given the track some more depth if you had used more sounds.
For example the HH: add another or two different HHs and let them play together - the drums would sound fuller.
Also i have to say that i miss some extra bassline (additionally to the bass which mainly just supports the kick). Also in my opinion Kick & Bass could be louder / more present.

But thats all subjective - and i am not a pro or sth - and maybe it was your goal to built sth. minmal?

Keep on & have fun!


^^ thanks for the feedback. There are some vocals for this track actually, I just can’t release that version at the moment.

Appreciate you taking the time to comment! :bluethumb: