Curious if anyone could help with this one sound? (DECONSTRUCTION)

Hey everyone,

Just a quick question as to how one would go about re-creating a sound similar to this? (Starts at 0:58) Obviously I in no way want to replicate what it is just to ‘steal’ or something of that nature. I’m just genuinely curious as to how it’s created and what you guys think attributes to how ‘crisp’ it sounds (besides EQ). As I’ve only this year started producing, the best I can understand is that it’s probably involving some kind of wobble + high pass. But obviously ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

(0:58, 1:03 etc)

LFO/hi pass a supersaw

Here’s how to make a super saw/what it is

This is for harmor/fl studio but the premise is the same no matter what daw/synth you use

Awesome, so high passing + super low cutting + LFO supersaws. I guess it’s time to disappear for a few days. Will let you know how it goes. Honestly can’t thank you enough (Y)

No problem