Dabling in Dubstep, can i get a little feedback?

I mainly create neurofunk, but got the itch recently to slow it down. Keep in mind i didnt mix it down or arrange it completely. Its just a start, but some feedback would help. thanks.

Its not going onto soundcloud till its done, so i added a dropbox link.

Dropbox download

I don’t know anything about production, so take this feedback for a listener’s opinion and nothing more please. :wink: Listening on HD25s.

Why the stadium-sized kicks & snares? they sound clunky and overblown, more fitting in a rural “handz up” set than anything else. this thing currently lacks sub pressure - just remember that when mixing it down. not very fond of the cheesy vocal; I’d get rid of it. I know all the neuro & critical guys have been doing it for some time now; but in most cases it’s just an excuse / shortcut so people don’t have to come up with some interesting intros & mid-sections, only reinforced by the often enough very lazy sample treatment. If you’re gonna use a vocal, use it wisely and effectively, be creative with it - or leave it.
the percussion is a bit lackluster. Generally speaking, I’d rather invest more time into getting a sick groove than putting a lot of effort into sound design. Also, that stripped-down halfstep beat has been rinsed wayyy too much by now. All in all, sounds like you mostly know what you’re doing. now disregard the boring, conventional “blueprint” and get knees deep into that ish - you can do better!

Hahahahahahahaa. You rule. I agree with all of that and I find it hard to believe you are just a listener. Thanks