Could any of you ninja’s please maybe explain darkside to me ?

perhaps point me in the direction of stuff to look out for…

and even fill me in a bit on it’s creation as a term and breakaway n maybe re-emergance into the 160-180 bpm spectrum (to be a bit …hmm…vague about it)

im workin on this beat atm, that i think is a bit too easy to call jungle with-ought much knowledge/thought n just taking it off the fact it has a ‘break’ with some chopping… like ‘oh yeah i love jungle man, pass the red stripe’ but it’s a bit more of a rollery type dnb beat with a 4x4 kick so lends itself to hardcore territory as well…

in my head darkside is the perfect way to describe it !! based on my loose loose knowledge of what darkside is, which is more likely than not, wrong.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

@Samuel_L_Damnson is an expert on darkside dubstep bro ask him

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Is that a thing or one of them Meme’s??

thanks if you are being genuinely helpful kalli :slight_smile:

lol im trolling now i feel bad
yeah idk what darkside is but what ur making just sounds like some gully dnb im sure theres no real name for it just make whatever you want and look around soundcloud discogs and youtube to find new tunes

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Thought so, but there is probably darkstep !

cheers kalli i will remember your name as one i can rely on ! :slight_smile:

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This thread is now about Terminator MC, the darkside pioneer :corndance::cornsidedown::cornstrobe:


‘the next day… it became funny’


Reload bars :cannon::cannon::cannon:

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Haha I don’t think even tempa t would wrote those bars!!

well thank you

you F**kers

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


"she should’ve thought twice about backing her son"


you’re welcome :slight_smile:

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It’s a shame ‘horrorcore’ grime never took off. Just the most explicit, violating bars over beats that all sound like Horror Show.

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Have a look thru this thread

thank you, i did look in it and think about posting in there but i didnt want to derail it like…

shouldnt have worried judging by the levels of de-railment in this thread

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Welcome to DSF haha

Seriously though…

Check the labels, Renegade Hardware, No U-Turn, Killing Sheep, Evol Intent, Virus, Outbreak, PRSPCT, Position Chrome, Moving Shadow, Tech Freak, L/B, Ruff-Teck, V, Position Chrome, Offkey, Obscene, Ambush, Full Watts.

Look at these labels on discogs and then look at similar labels to them/artists on them. That’ll give you an idea.

When hardcore split into the Happy Hardcore sound and the jungle sound back in the early 90s, the jungle side of it split further - one side heading to a more lighter, jazzy, dreamy chord/pad, funky style and the other side going down a darker, ruffer, atmospheric, heavier road.

Since then the darker sides of D&B have subgenre’d themselves many times over… However darkside usually just means anythng that has a menacing atmosphere, heavy choppage breaks, industrial sounding, grimey, grungey, thrashy, amens and reece, that kind of thing.
It’s not a style per se but more a feeling or a vibe.

Whether it’s tearout amen smashers like Kryptic Mind’s remix of Tech Itch “The Ruckus”,
or grimey rollers like Doc Scott’s “Shadowboxing”,
or DJ Producer’s splintered shatterbomb breakcore of “Pixelshifter”,
or Current Value’s cold mechanical robot assault in "Math"
or raggajungle badman tunes like DJ Scud’s “Strong Back”,
or futuristic scifi tech/neurofunk like “Suction Cap” by Icicle,
or even Black Sun Empire’s remix of “Beautiful Morning” with it’s shimmering dreampads, plaintive ethereal vocals and huge dragging grimey basslines… it’s all about a certain vibe.

Go digging and you’ll soon get a feel for it :slight_smile:

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gunfingahs aint enough, cheers :slight_smile:

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