Datsik ft Mayor Apeshit - Katana (Aeonphaze & Sub Ascension Remix) Free Download

So you had to post this in both the grime and the dubstep sub forums?

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Also, this is not grime.

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This isn’t dubstep, either.


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My bad I didn’t mean to post that here.

You’re not dubstep. LOL


Nah, deadmau6

Wow didn’t know you guys were so serious about music, my mistake, can I hear some of your tunes? I thought this was an edm community not a bunch of haters, how about you guys go do something productive with your life instead of spreading negative vibes.

This is not an EDM community.
Keep your posts non spammy and in the right parts of the forum and you’ll avoid everything that upset you about this thread.

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Haha, sorry about the negativity. It can be a bit rough at times, but generally we’re nice people. :wink:

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Glad to hear, sorry just have never posted on here. Where should have posted this? And I know it’s a little sloppy but is being mastered now.