Deep Dubstep crews UK?

Hey guys.
Recently moved to the UK and have been looking for deep dubstep crews. In Latvia (my country) I was in the leading bass music crew in the whole country (mainly specialized in deep, classic dubstep). DJ’d at underground events (abandoned buildings), festivals and have even been live on radio.

So what is this thread about? I’m looking for dubstep crews here in the UK, to promote the music I love and develop the scene. So if you know any, please do tell.

Do not send me crews such as NSD, OWSLA and such…

P.S. I am also a huge bassline lover :wink:

Dubstep is mostly dead in the UK, but there’re the chord marauders.

I’m from Latvia, we have 2 million people in the whole country. Don’t tell me that there aren’t any guys keeping it alive. All the hipsters left the genre, but there must be people who still love the genre. Plus Deep Dubstep is underground music, not the commercial shizzle

Fair. Jus’t don’t expect much lol. It’s mostly online now. There’s 130 happening with Keysound, also Dubstep for deep heads. That’s all I can reallly think of in terms of crews atm.

It’s a big place. Whereabouts?

Coventry (West Midlands), but I am ready to travel all across the country :wink:

Good nights in Bristol, Leeds & London. Watch out for System, Converge, Deep Medi nights, Subloaded… I’m sure people like @Muncey, @Johoosh and @Johnlenham (he’s the guy running Converge alongside @Riddles) can direct you towards more info.

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Birmingham is your best bet though as your closest big city. Find some local record shops that sell your sort of music, make a journey out there, pick up some flyers, see what is on, then either head to the nights (meet people, pick up more flyers etc) or else start having a dig through social media for the promotion names and DJs etc to see what you can find.

[quote=“jrkhnds, post:7, topic:4166, full:true”]
Good nights in Bristol, Leeds & London.[/quote]

None of which are particularly easy to get to from Coventry.

I don’t really care how far it is. Went to the only record shop in Brum, well what I heard then Brum has live bands and mainstream stuff. And very very rarely there are bassline events… Dubstep is pretty dead there…

Theres some small stuff going on. look up the Listening Sessions guys, they’re safe and have some good music going on. low key stuff about once a month iirc.

Will do :wink:

what is 130 supposed to mean? bpm?

Yeah, it’s basically a scene that originally took what dubstep and to an extent grime were doing but at 130bpm. Don’t really follow the scene personally so can’t give you much info

I wouldnt say that atall. There are nights once a month, Hell the last weekend in November is absurd

Friday SYSTEM in LDN or Deep Medi in Bristol
Saturday Deep Medi again in Bristol, Vex’d in LDN, Goth Trad In Brighton

Ive never been to Leeds but I swear there is a Sub dub night once a month.
The club we do our night out of recently, has 7 (!?!?!) dubstep related nights, tho only two book big names.
You have Mute who dip in now and again in Brighton and London
The Mine also in Brighton

Also Fire/Lightbox has Hatcha nights, but they are abit hit and miss.

Well its mostly keysound in ldn and yeah…

Also Is there a reason you are there over anyother city?

Yes, I’m a student at Coventry Uni. Been DJing for a while back in Latvia and wanted to find my spot here in the UK… :wink:

ah seen.
Well yeah you are looking at about an hour on a train to London, Which considering it used to take me an hour and a half from Kent to get to London Victoria, is pretty decent.

Hell even for me to get to Eueston it would take about 50mins and I live in Zone 3 of ldn.

If you’re about, get yourself down to this in London on 6th November;

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