Deep Medi


clear vinyl already gone lol, i already got this plate anyway

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Sure there will be mountains of copies

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You tryna ryan-no-death rn bro?

fml missed out on the transparent version

y tf they dropping in the morning? gives me midnight vibes lol

Sorry for any confusion…Deep Medi mug with coffee sounds on :point_right:

OT/not OT

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:slight_smile: es! ,:slight_smile:


Wonder if kromestar was alright with it or they just fucked him off

He’s a tnuc anyway so whatever, also the tune is signed to medi so I imagine they’re able to repress at will if they want?

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Where does it come from? I was pretty sure to follow him on various socialmedi but I missed that.

IG story a couple days ago


Dang. I swear I feel like I made a mess of good people’s lives this past two years! Frickin’ Walt Disneys fault though!

Etsy recommending I buy expensive jewelry to give to a nonexistent significant other, but also recommending I buy another Banksy :frowning: Nebula Music Group is ace.

Wtf man why is he like that


Prolly should have asked first.

Yes but isn’t he the one who regularly does shit like that or much worse to fans and artists?

I actually have no clue.