Deep Medi


Medi thread needed

Here’s a video of Medi 001 doing damage

Also nice surprise today found out they’d stuck 3+2 on the end of the Creeper side of the new Kaiju 12"!

Just Announced New Deep Medi For Pre Order



Yeah, they did it quite well - really similiar tunes


A-ha! Maybe that’s why one site was saying Creeper was 10 minutes long. Bloody lazy reviewing though :grin:


the best thing about that kaiju plate is that sparrow, quest and silkie moved a little closer.


Fair nuff mate think that doesn’t do the tunes credit tbh

Creeper’s got quite a unique groove/roll to the drums, + that mixdown is a joke: so weighty. Pressing sounds mint too.

Feeling Justice a bit less now (summing to do with those hats) but then mixed it with Glamma and it all made sense haha



Haha Kaiju lurking. Not sure why people that lurk that much dont just get involved like blackdown.


weird…it seems they’ve deleted that FB post now


what did it say?


was a screen shot of Jooshs post about 3+2


ahh cool


Manz famous init

Yeah it’d be good to get the FKOF/Trusik/Infernal lot more involved too like you said Lenham im pretty sure they lurk a fair bit

Whats the next predicted plate then? Jack Sparrow?


I hope so, Good Old Days is one of the best medi plates.


init, why do all the big names just lurk and nevr post anything lol, gantz does it too
and then they tweet about how much they hate dsf :frog:


Still had it open in another browser window so took a cheeky screenshot…


screenshots of screenshots. we need to go deeper.


solid tunes, but i’m really baffled about the hype this record gets. mala releasing two 2012 osiris tunes in 2015 and everybody goes nuts. up to the point where people refer to this as “the most exciting dubstep release of the year” and talk about “fresh blood for medi to strengthen their musical identity once again”.
ya’ll trippin!


I think they’re big enough tunes that they’d get hype regardless of the label they dropped on tbh mate. People have been fiending after Creeper especially for time. Stuff just gets whacked out of context when people hold up Mala/Medi as this canonical beacon of enlightenment for the scene

Personally i’m just glad these tunes have seen the light of day.


mans here fam what! lol