Dekmantel Festival

just remembered i’m gonna be in austria at the time, trying to make a move on dekmantel since outlook / dimensions is at a bad time for me. anyone know when tickets generally start to sell out?

roll call?

amsterdam’s not in austria.

you plan on passing through switzerland?

i just mean im gonna be in europe (as opposed to here in the us) and only need to hop on a few trains to get there.

was probably gonna through munich/germany just cause its faster but if theres anything going on i could make a detour. unfortunately dubtopia is a little too early

I was aware of that, heh. Mhm, you’re too early for streetparade too (afterparties are sick; caught Skudge et al. last year). By the way, I’m in Graz mid july. Just sayin’.

damn, im not going to be there until the 27th


gonna be sick

i’m staying in a hostel, does anyone know how much of a pisstake it is to get to the festival site/best mode of transport to get there?

Yeah last two years there were busses going back and forth from
the South train station. It would be about 30 mins by public transport (in total).
Depends where you are staying exactly, but I’m assuming centre.

We usually go by bike and I live about 14 miles away. It’s a nice ride though.

when are you coming phigure?

Yeah, I’m going to Dekmantel - hostel, festival and flights booked!! So hyped, the venue it’s in looks sick too! Lineup is crazy good

coming in the day before dekmantel, flying back the 13th

will be seeing you there hopefully Liam!

Yeah, hopefully catch you out there man! Whereabouts you staying?

You’re staying in Amsterdam till 13?

Gon be good. Probably doing one day this year.
Planning on going three days Dour and Lowlands.

This is the Saturday night on the other side of town btw:

:black_small_square: Regis live
:black_small_square: Donor/Truss
:black_small_square: Shifted
:black_small_square: Sigha
:black_small_square: ROD
:black_small_square: Samuel Kerridge
:black_small_square: Shxcxchcxsh live
:black_small_square: Mondkopf live
:black_small_square: Kareem live
:black_small_square: Stanislav Tolkachev
:black_small_square: Head Front Panel live
:black_small_square: Datasmok aka Albert van Abbe
:black_small_square: 138 live

still need to sort out a hostel but gonna go for one that’s relatively central / close to the festival location. where you gonna be at?

@NilsFG nah austria, dekmantel is just a detour

was trying to decide whether to get the 3 night tickets as well but reconsidering after seeing that lineup AxeD posted…

Dekmantel has great afters as well though.
The night I posted is called Katharsis, tickets are currently €25 for that.

hmu if you need info about anything Damstarem.
Don’t know anything about hostels / hotels though :slight_smile:

I’m staying at The White Tulip hostel, right in the centre of the dam, looks really basic but I’m really just planning on sleeping there and not much else, long as I have a bed!

People that have been Dekmantel before, what am I looking at for drink prices? How are they when it comes to certain substances?

Drinks are not cheap. Probably €2,80 for a small beer.

Any festival in Amsterdam has to be strict on druqs. So they definitely check
at the entrance and weed is not allowed in either. Soon as you’re in… they won’t
hunt you down though. As long as you don’t cause trouble and be discrete with it.

they should make drug festivals

then bands could just show up

2.80€ for a small beer
"not cheap"

bless Switzalan’

will be in amsterdam for this and a week following the festival. will also be at outlook. would be sink to link with some DSF heads!