Depressed DJs



“DJ” you say


Or producers, I guess.


two of my mates were behind deadmau5 in line for a beach house show once, they said he was alone and just looked like a sad tnuc


what is a beach house show?

is it a show where they play beach house?
is it a show in a beach house?
is it a show in a beach house where they play beach house?
is it a show by popular artist Beach House?
none of the above?
all of the above? (very inconsistent though)


yeah the last one

beach house played by beach house in a beach house ft a dead mouse



that last one :laughing: seen it before but it gets me every time


incomplete without the incnic quote that followed

“in 20 years
daddy why u dead and lying in a puddle :frowning:
son i make techno dadydy on drugs”


I still cant work out that last one, just so bizarre haha



More like a lot of photographers saying while shooting " Ok, look down at the floor, and pretend that someone broke your banana. " Its terrible.


I always thought it was a Stalker reference. Still hilarious in any case.



Yeah definitely


What a collection. You would think dubstep must be dead or something.


Lol rekt




Always thought it was a shot at #DepressedDJ promo shots.