Depth Death - Destiny VIP

This is my own release:

Destiny VIP is 175 bpm deep dub
Amen VIP is an 166 bpm amen tune (this one is free)

really like the delay work/techniques and different/unusual sounding beat structures/patterns in Destiny VIP


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thanks much mate. yeah, i did multiple layers of delays and live delay modulation. glad you like it. :dudebro:

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I made a yootoob clip

and did some proper marketing:

Available to listen to or buy at


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Destiny VIP is inspired by the evolution of dub music and it’s ability to embrace other musical cultures. The mix’s emphasis on low end and delay effects is heavily dub influenced. The track composition and bass sound is very dubstep while the 175 bpm moves it into a drum and bass tempo and feel. There’s some trap and hip-hop in there too. The mood is dark and aggressive, a bit metal. A sub-woofer or headphones / speakers with quality low frequency response are recommended for listening.

Cover art by Tf Concept


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Yeah Destiny is heavy af. Love the delays and reverb on this. Sounds huge. Big up!
Amen tracks don’t work for me though. That descending synth thing in the intro is just competing with the amens all the way thru and sounds messy imho.


hey thanks m8.

with the amen tune, I was trying to go for a discordant / mismatching rhythm thing with the synth, so maybe conceptually it’s interesting but not musically.

I think I might just take the synth out all together and just have it be the drums or do a version with a live bass line.

appreciate the listen and the feedback :cornstrobe: