Depth Death [Khybot Recordings] (deep dub)

// Joe’s Dub //

Joe’s Dub (remix) by Depth Death
[original by Scibot]
// Some nice vibes and bass solos.


Ressurection [minimal edit] (remix) by Scibot
[original by Depth Death]
// Minimal spacey deepness.


// digital release forthcoming ////



new art… available now on bandcamp for two bucks!

  1. Joe’s Dub (original by Scibot)_Depth Death (remix)
  2. Resurrection [minimal edit] (original by Depth Death)_Scibot (remix)

Now available for listening on Musicoin

In the process of releasing my back catalog to Juno Download. This are some early tracks I made with a real rock distorted guitar, heavy beat with the more dirty 2011 dubstep feel to it.


Beryl Fine made a cool documentary video collage piece for it too:


from the back catalog, now available on Juno Download
Khybot / Nighta presents Vampirez

I especially like the Nighta remixes and track on this one. They are so deep and street.


Almost completely bass on this one. :sunglasses:


160bpm, trying some new things.

more upbeat vibes, but serious bass on this release too. includes a D&B VIP for the junglists.

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finally settled in my new place and got my studio up. working on new music and here’s the first finished one:
still obsessed with moving subwoofers but with a little grit

Went super minimal on this edit and it’s almost all subs. I’m really feeling the sound though and think this might be a good direction to go in.