Depth Death - Sunday Song [angelic indie 140]

Working on a new track with my playing live bass guitar over an XR20 drum machine and adding a vocal synth. It feels really chill and angelic. Like some highschool indie band stuff. :slight_smile:

Not bad not bad everything except that hi hat sounds pretty well balanced, I’d make it less prominent (maybe a little less volume, less treble). Giving some tips from a dubstep angle, half-time everything, add lots of phase, delays (put one delay into another, John Frusciante did that), reverb etc. Add some random stark chords in a kind of progression with tweaks on the delay and so on to get a more organic feel to it. Some horns maybe too?

Basically to me it sounds like you’ve got a great bass for a rhythm and you can add stuff to liven it up :bluethumb:

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Hey thanks for the feedback… I added some reverb and delay on the vocals and tweaked the mix for the final. Appreciate the listen :slight_smile:

here’s the final release, with VIP.

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Yes yes, atmosphere is sick

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much appreciated! large up mate :slight_smile: