Digi only bangers



This one is a gem too


one of my go to blends for 140 is this

with this


you can buy the unmixed compilation on Bleep, they sell wav/flac


Thank you mate!! I was sure that it was only available mixed


Big ups, need to work my way thru this thread now :gunfinger:


I’ve cut 4 track 12" vinyl dubplates before. Sounded good.


More digi bangers



Get it while it’s hot:


E3 Breaks zip courtesy of DJ Slimzee & AS.IF.KID


You can get that on the kahn and neek fabric live, bit you have to buy it from boomkat iirc, then you get all the individual wavs rather than the mix. I already cut that TMSV shallow breath to a dubplate last year lol, I get mine done at Dub Studio - 4 tracks on vinyl (I think max is 10/11 mins per side) talk to H at dub studio for more info.


I think this one was gave for free on his soundcloud in .wav file

More bangers

Some from New World Audio

Indigo Movement very interesting >


Cosmic and Cosmic VIP on the same record would be awesome. Cosmic is prob a top 10 tune for me


So far I’ve got this

…and this

need two more bangers plz :pray:


Probably gonna put this on there…


Dude I actually like this, and I am SO SO picky about dubstep. Can I get the WAV?


you can just get the wav from the bandcamp page


Respect, All available from all major outlets



I’m so pissed that I can’t cop this anymore, seriously wanted to get it cut :corncry: