Digi only bangers


Cutting a new dubplate and need some ideas for more tracks to fill it up, so just wanted to get a list together of circa 140 bangers that never got released on vinyl.

What are your favourite digi only ~140 releases/freebies?



This one bangs every single time


Shameless self promo: Recently dropped this one! can hook you up with the WAVs if you wish :slight_smile:


Kromestar - Jedi and Babylon Must Fall from Cessman



got the VIP on vinyl already, but not this version :thinking:

(made me listen to flight VIP again - what a fucking tune lol)


Dis one



liking the ideas so far, big ups

genres can also be grime, drill or even 70bpm hip hop as long as it mixes into 140 ish bpm




Shout out stormzy yeah…


actually, how much tunes can you put on a dubplate? always assumed more than one by side would be pushing it but never cut one so idk

you made me crave to cut one with functions on the low now :smile: (says the guy who played dubstep/grime outside of his bedroom maybe once or twice)


no shame about the bedroom lol, this particular dubplate won’t make it out of my mate’s kitchen :lol_og:

you can get away with 4 tracks on one 45rpm vinyl dubplate, without compromising on cut volume, depending on lengths of tracks - i think it’s about 10 or 11 mins per side iirc


Was this directed at me?


lol no m8 :grouphug:

meant it in the sense i barely ever play out and when i do its not dubstep/grime so aside from the fun of being able to play that tune in a bedroom set i can hardly justify cutting it on a dubplate


fair, I don’t play out at all, but I regularly buy new 12" vinyl just for one track, so that’s like over a tenner for 1 track on vinyl - cutting a dubplate is potentially around 30 quid for 4 percies, so it’s pretty much a bargain lol


or get this one.
apparently XLR8R weren’t ok with wav.
so if you want it for cutting give a shout. i’ll give you the wav. (i have both, digital & vinyl mastering)


Hi everyone! Dont know if there is some place where to find this Tmsv track in good quality but I would like to cut it in dubplate if I can. btw swerver can I ask you where do you cut yours please?


Kromestar - Pressure (NMG Best of)

RUFUS! - Organic (Biscuit Factory 020)

Hitman - Megatron (DUBSTARS)

Kromestar freebie : Dash Fire , Untitled Unmastered , Old Face

16bit - Lazy Town
Digid - Final Stand
Grooki - Interloper
Mensah & Eddie K - Steady As She Go
Skream - Filth (Silkie RMX)
Skream - Rollin
Sukh Knight - Hand of Buddha
Sukh Knight - Prisoner
Shandy - Ganges
Shandy - Yaad
Shandy - The Who
ENA - Drop (Back To Chill)
DUBTRO - Printed Mental
GOTH-TRAD - Meteor
KARMA - Meanings
Goth-Trad - Invasion
Goth-Trad - Grind
PUSHLOOP - The Jungle
Felix Dubs - Ying
JAYDROP - That’s How It Is
Kahn - Way Mi Defend (Sound Unknown Version)
A tune that you can find on soundcloud in .wav
K Man The Phantom - Space Between Time
Doomtrooper - Habitat
Heny G - Christopher VIP (Hedmuk freebie wav)
Fiend - Frankenstein
Fiend - Cult
Feonix - Eon Eyes
Shu & Dalek One - Mumble Dub
Chokez - Soundboi Dread
Chokez - Stumble
Bisweed - Airship
Causa - Dismaying
Causa - Mighty Dub
Quasar & Tinky - Who The Fuck I Am
Quasar - Its Over

And I forgot lot of ideas of tracks that I wanted to cut as dubplate. At this point I should definitly buy some cd turntables ^^