Digital and vinyl distribution and pressing


Not strictly a production question but hopefully you’ll be able to help out.

I haven’t put any records out for 10 years or so and i’m a little bit out of the loop.

I’ve never put anything out digitally, only ever sold vinyls to stores.

I know vinyls are not selling great units these days, but would like to press say 300-500 and then sell it digitally.

Are there any companies that do an all in one pressing and distribution package? I image there must be…

Im based in London.


try and get on if that fails maybe consider

Thanks I will check them out.

Any reason you suggest Kudos more than Unearthed?


I use Za at Fentplates

fully recommend, cuts and does distro, focuses on grime(y) kinda stuff though

kudos have been around for a lot longer for a start, and they’re london based and can deal with any digi/physical format you throw at them. unearthed are some of the old st holdings boys. you can see they work with quite a few labels you’ve heard of but you won’t get any up to date sales figures, stats, label manager, or really any info at all with unearthed. not to diss them though, they’ve done fine by us.

i def wouldn’t go with white peach matey - unless he’s bought a pressing plant somehow then he’s no doubt just fwding your order on to MPO or some other plant and then skimming a few quid off the top to make it worth his while. you could self-distro just as well as he could distro for you. get with a proper distro which is a legally registered company and can actually handle your label’s needs, don’t go with some dude running a squarespace website who knows how to royal mail some 12"s.

We used well tempered to get us off the ground, £800 300 with colour labels, mastering all in.

Good guys, though we do it direct our own way now

Part ownership in a plant yes.

Re:distro had a good experience so far with Za.

tha future: :badteeth: