Diskotopia Thread

One of my favourite labels around at the moment. They’ve had releases from the likes of Slackk, Visionist and Rabit but they’re not really grime - I would say their aesthetic leans closer to that of older Oneohtrix Point Never, though you may also put them alongside Different Circles I guess. Definitely more diverse than that. Constantly quality anyway.
Anyone else into them?

I thought the album they released from A Taut Line a few months ago was great

They’ve got another EP coming mid-June from Computer Graphic (aka Pixelord), beautiful stuff

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literally just got into this label, i dunno how i hadn’t clocked them before, every release i’ve heard is pretty great imo. the bd1982 ep the first track posted is from is really cool, reminds me of rezzett.

the greeen linez record is pretty fun

great interview and mix

Rabit’s EP on there 2 years ago definitely made some waves on the grime scene. A lot of their back catalogue is pretty interesting too.