Dissect a "well-known" track

I figured this would be good. Link a track that most would’ve heard…you know, Anti War Dub or Midnight Request Line…but probably not “as” well know…then peeps can dissect it on production value/composition/vibe/maybe even mixdown… it’s up to you really, I’ll go first…a tune I always listened to-

Does it have to be well known :stuck_out_tongue: there’s a couple interesting tracks I’ve really been meaning to break down but I’m guessing most people haven’t heard them

Roll with whatever.

Cool I’ll try and post something tomorrow

Never heard “Midnight” in a while. This track has a very simple structure, so the intro and the middle are identical, so are the drops. As far as production goes, “Midnight” has a good amount of dynamic range, which is one of the things I like about this track. The hi hats are syncopated, which adds a little bit of groove to the track. The snare is snappy and has some reverb like most dubstep tracks. There is also a sub bass that’s separate from the wobbles. Overall, this track has a very simple style with a clean mixdown.

sweet jesus I love bar9