District - Street Knowledge

anyone know any info on this one? It’s the first tune in the latest N-Type show ( https://soundcloud.com/rinsefm/ntype090715 ) and it’s a banger.

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was looking for an ID of that tune - been played by every dubstep DJ I’ve seen in the past few months here, Pinch, VIVEK, Kahn as well I think. Big tune

glad to see the dungeon guys are slowly starting to find their own voice. this could be big.

agreed! Sleepers doing some cool shit too, glad they’re not stagnating

bumping this one cos i just heard it in Distance’s latest Chestcast. Wonder what’s happening with it.

He played it last night, Im gonna hit him up and see what’s goin on with this one. rate it a lot

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preorders up now :gunfinger:


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Was surprised Drowsy is the A side, its goes off in the club tho :sunglasses:

Drowsy is a banger tbf!