DJ Koze - XTC / Axel Boman - 1979

Felt like these deserved their own post.

Good to hear some rather genuine and emotive dance music these days…


Axel Boman - 1979

Also, can anyone tell me how to embed videos?

just post the links and press enter once. the board automatically embeds them. :slight_smile:

Koze has some sick tunes, this one is such a percy:

The progression :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


Koze’s a don

ha… played that xtc tune few weeks ago at a outdoorrave in the mountains around 10 in the morning - sun was shining and the crowd was obviously seeing funny things as there was a bowl going around in the morning with a (very) nice mixture of two psychotropic substances…

the best part of it were the last 30, 40 minutes. i played 100bpm stuff and the people kinde clocked into the tempo perfectly lol…