Dj/Producer help needed, audio quality issue

I have a sound quality problem I need your help with. I have 2 setups;
1st: CPU1 > Soundcard (18i20) > VXTs
2nd: CPU2 (serato) > SL2 > Mixer (Xone 23) >18i20 input L/R via XLR > VXTs

Heres the issue, listening to a 320 mp3 on CP1 it sounds great, listening to the same file on CPU2, with no clipping at any stage, I lose detail, bass definition specifically. Its to the point where a song that I think sounds fantastic on a store stream sounds compeltely regular and lackluster via serato. On a bass heavy grime song for example, I lose most of the detail in the top end of the bass that made the song interesting to me initially. Im trying to narrow down if its SL2 box or the mixer, or maybe the wiring causing it, have any of you had issues a Xone 23 or Serato on good monitors before?

I doubt it that its an issue that has to do with the mixer / SL2…
If you are playing track via serato and they sound crappy like you described, thats got to be something wrong in serato’s Settings.
Make sure that your decks are not automatically timestreching / Repitching the tracks, and go through the audio and general setting to see if there’s something unusual ticked in there.

If it didn’t help try to record the output and post it here

you mean the sync function not clicked in? There doesnt seem to be anything in the setup menus pertaining to that in 1.8 otherwise (ive been through all the check boxes 4-5 times over in all tabs now). As long as im playing the tune with no pitch variation on the turntable or serato it should be fine no? I analyze my entire library for beatgrid/etc otherwise.

Im going through some checks with Rane corp tech support, they suspect its something coloring the signal along the chain to the speakers, ill know more tonight when i swap stuff in/out. Otherwise Ill post a recording of the coloring v original later.

So I figured out the input of my soundcard was coloring the signal, i think it has to do with the way i had things gain staged. Going str8 into monitors the sound is fine. Im going to experiment with gains at all levels to see if its possible to get a better signal. UNtil then Ill jsut listen straight from teh monitors.

It may be that your soundcard is messing you up. Just keep all of the dials on it neutral. As well as that, any sound enhancement your computer/audio drivers use(s) can fuck it up too.

Edit - nvm, seen you got it sorted now.

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mp3 compression does not move the “mono” or ‘mid’ part of the signal to either side. That makes no sense. mp3’s contain stereo information including mid/mono information.

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