DJ Taktix - The Way / VIP or Shadow VIP?

Does anyone know the difference between the Shadow VIP and the VIP versions of DJ Taktix “The Way”?
Discogs and Google are giving up no secrets…

The Shadow VIP seems to only be on this Jungle Mania compilation

And this is the VIP version

I can’t hear any difference, and it’s really bugging me.

vocals & amen break seem different.
arrangement is slightly different too.

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Thanks, going to have to give it another listen. Not sure which one to buy…

Yeah I can clearly hear the differences now having played both videos at the same time.

VIP is slightly faster with more shuffling percussion between drum hits. It also does that weird gritty, phasey kind of effect on the break in the second half.
Shadow VIP has a timestretched “it’s the way”, and doesn’t have the “my feeling for you” section or the halftime section near the end.