DJ Wanka


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One of the greatest things to come out of dubstep, a true phenomenon. Hold tight wanka

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Crazy night


ive always insisted that this would actually be a good tune if it was properly arranged into one. also minus george michael probably

What are you talking about? Wanka’s a fucking legend.

i actually really like the fuzzy overdone bass sound in phill collins dub and would like to know how to do it (1.29)

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Think @Johoosh has a Wanka approved T shirt actually. Remember VIVEK saying to him he wanted Wanka dubplates for System.

had to check discogs real quick lmao

Big up Wanka apparel each and every

Viv wanted him for a set

Medi fell off hard after 51


big up if u og
ignore if u were still into doctor p back in 2012


Man like cornbread

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Wub once revealed the identity of Wanka and would it shock you to know its a Zomby Allias?

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Not even mildly.

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See whats throwing you off is that Wanka would credit the people he jacked, like Phill Collins. Thats Just Zombys way of fucking with you

He’s a sly old cat, that Zomby.

oi dont fuck about its zomby loool

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