DJ's / Producers you are wanting to see in 2016? 140 and beyond

Just thinking about it as we are into 2016…

Got to try and catch Goth-Trad (or book him!) there is the night in a couple of weeks but it is in Fire… but then it is Goth Trad…
LAS, Mikeal and Karma has to happen in some capacity this year
Eva808, hopefully as a set from her would be sick.
HeadHunter (Get a set sorted as that went pear shaped in Autumn…)
Deleted Scenes… cmon do a set! (not sure we would be able to afford to book them to do one but who knows maybe…)

Outside of 140 I would been keen to finally see Forest Swords in some capacity and Lotic/ Roly Porter on a line up of a similar vibe.
Strict face and The Bug doing a Sirens set also spring to mind.

So yeah post em up

Probably about time I catch a Dusk & Blackdown set.

Need to see commodo at some point

I’d rather see myself doing a set finally. #edgypost


Dj asstechno this cool Russian guy but also this more unknown guy that goes by cvckthrob

Causa, his dubs are unreal