DMZ Records

Do you reckon there will be new records this year as it’s the 10th anniversary.

Hopefully, it’s been a while since their last release. But even that came out like 6 or so months after there was first news about it

been ages yeah, haven’t heard much new stuff from mala or coki

heard like a new coki one doing the rounds in radio sets lately but not heard a new mala bit since like torn at the roots or expected on the hyperdub comp

I’m hoping there will be, was looking though my records thinking it been ages in 030, seeing mala & coki at born & bread festival on Saturday, and broken dub house on the 19th can’t wait

Loefah LP would be great

2:25 in this interview they talk about future releases but bare in mind that was July last year.


I think it’s hard to predict forthcoming dmz material somehow… Mala said there will be a box set as well. Maybe they will announce it 2 weeks before the release, just like the new medi stuff

that video always cracks me up. coki sitting on the side getting high as a kite and just talking shit about his trumpet man

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good thing the interviewer was on Mala’s right side otherwise he might not’ve heard coat either…

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dmz store:

dmz store

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Yes big up man! I just ordered the black and yellow slip mats

anyone know a promo code?



invalid :confused:



I’ve heard Coki’s got a new dubby ep or something coming soon

I’ve heard about Mala’s 10 year 5 Vinyl Boxset

Been waiting for the Loefah LP to complete the set, but will probably never happen

Has Pokes actually made any of his own tracks or is he just exclusively their MC?

the asbo tracks are credited to him and loe

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Also him and Mala made Answer Me

lol been searching for one too