Does Your Skream! Album Have This Aswell?

I just bought Skream’s classic album (CD) Skream!, and found that on the track listing it says that the song Colourful is track 12, and then it says that the song Emotionally Mute (Outro) is track 14 instead of 13, which it should be. Does your’s have this aswell? (I know it isn’t important but this shit bugs me.) Remember CD, not Vinyl!

I remember something weird like that from my copy too, but I can’t check because my mum dashed most of my music out when I moved to uni.

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found this on google image search, kinda hard to read, but def says 14. There was only 1 run of the cd afaik, so I’m guessing its on all of them.

Please do correct me for being a moron here, but I only see 13 track titles there.

yes, if you read the question OP posed, you will understand.

if you can’t re-read all his text, track 13 (emotionally mute) is actually listed as 14 on the track listing when in reality, there are only 13 tracks.

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umm yeah I’m only seeing 13 tracks

Could it be due to the “secret” track after Rutten?

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i have no idea why that is but my best guess is that it’s because they want to avoid 13 for some kind of symbolic reason (eg it’s unlucky). as silly as it sounds, some people believe that.

Should’ve just kept that one silent, G.

Are you sure that is actually a secret track? I though the spliff politics bit was part of Rutten. Oh well…

Yeah, that’s what it is meant to be, but on the listing it goes from 12 to 14.