Donate DSF to cover hosting costs

I would like to announce that DSF accepts donations via PayPal to support its web hosting.

You can directly donate to @dubway’s (Ivan Kovacevic) PayPal account and he will use the collected money to pay for the hosting of this website (actually, two sites: and

Please, specify your username in the PayPal payment comment if you want that we track your donation transparently, otherwise it will be counted as an anonymous donation (i.e., no real names will ever be published online/publicly).

This topic is long-overdue if you remember, however, I didn’t find time to prepare it properly earlier. Now, I have to restart it as the hosting costs are piling up. Please, (re)read the old discussion from February this year for more details.

A bare minimum is that we collect € 320 for one year of hosting as I wrote, yet, € 25 more would be better to cover also the costs of domains (, Every “hosting year” starts from September and now we are a bit late (my fault).

The forum statistics show that there is, on average, 30 contributors/users daily. Hence, it is enough to receive, on average, ~11 EUR/yr per regular/frequent user, or £ 10 (GBP), or $ 12 (USD). Or, if I continue, and follow usual marketing practice: “only 1 EUR/month” :smiley: Everything collected on top of € 345 will be used for the next year costs, i.e., no money would be used for other purposes unless you decide otherwise (if the general context is changed, or you just want to use the money to improve the website).

To clarify the costs, I note that both sites run on a dedicated web server with 16 GB memory, 4 cores (Intel Xeon), unlimited transfer. You can easily check that we use one of the most affordable options on the market.

I (or @dubway ) will try to answer any further question you may have regarding the topic.


I am quite happy to contribute but what about not paying to keep the old site going any more.
Transition period is way over. Nice to login in and look at old posts every now and then but is it really worth paying for anymore?

Donated :salute:


Will put some $$$ thru when I’m back at my desk in the morning

Can finally put my tenner to good use

@Hibbie suppose it’s like a legacy thing though innit. Like it’s years and years of posts from back when dubstep was getting started and dsf was a big place for it. Would be a shame to let it disappear


Yeah i get that but it can’t keep going forever.
I dunno how it all works but can’t it just be archived? Like how was?
I’m guessing cuz you can still log in and post that it isn’t archived.

If it is taking up half the budget then i say fuk the legacy lol
If it is only costing like 10% or something then fair enough.

Donated :onethumb:

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What are we donating €25?

nah man 350


any future tenner bets I lose will also go here


@Dubstep_Warrior owes me a tenner. He can donate it in my name.

have already donated a couple tenners so yours can be included

The old site actually still attracts many visitors, ~300 visitors a day, of which the majority arrives from search engines, hence, maybe, it is still not time to shut down that valuable piece of dubstep history completely. The cost of running the old site is lower than running the current forum software (Discourse) since the former is a PHP app (phpBB) with a (well, rather big) database, while the latter requires a whole Docker machinery hosting an app which is quite resource hungry. If I had to estimate, I would say that the ratio is 20:80 in the total costs…


25 € - two top level domains: and cost around 25-30 EUR/yr, I guess based on some standard pricing, but @dubway has to check to be sure.

Fair enough It is worth it then.

Done :twothumbsup:



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Thank you for contributions. So far we have covered around half of the costs:

Anonymous 25 USD
CreamLord 15 GBP
swerver 10 GBP
Dubstep_Warrior 30 USD
phigure 25 USD
Hibbie 25 EUR
Anonymous 15 USD
Anonymous 10 GBP
agent47 25 GBP


only just seen this, big ups and done :grouphug:

@Hibbie why tf you paying in euros