Downloading vst plugins

yo yo, half the time i download something it doesn’t install itself into my plugins in ableton, i’m unzipping and putting it into the correct folder in program files (the ones that successfully download are in that one)

but they’re coming up as like .dll files i can’t open or carry out some further installation step

What sort of downloading are we talking about? some cracked VSTs are installed by just downloading the official demo version, and then replacing some .dll file with the another one, usually something like engine.dll or something. Also, I don’t know about Ableton, but for example in Logic Pro X aka the newest version of Logic you can’t use 32bit plugins since they got rid of 32bit support. Many 3rd party plugins are still 32bit only. That means you can install some plugin and even if you are doing everything correctly, you still can’t open it.

  • dont get too many !

What do you use and what do you think you lack ?

downloading legit things, usually only free dl stuff,

hubb i have like none-use the ableton effects pretty much for everything, i’m kinda lazy about doing the downloading cos this happens so much, atm i have a bitcrusher, saturator and transient shaper, and as of yesterday some kind of synth i didn’t realize i’d downloaded but sounds bangin’

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if you get a bit more into what you want then lets talk pros and cons or something - - loadsa plugs are very much just a nice gui and a front imo

but some dist and sats are amazing

some reverbs are too

there’s a few standout synths

Gonna ask the obvious: Are you on a Mac? .dll are Windows VSTs.

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Internet classic is in order here.

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crazy ivan vst on the master channel = next fx imo

Also a nice tip maybe.

On most vst there’s a small box where it says controls or editor or something like that. If you push it, it turns the gui off and just becomes generic controls - which means all ‘hidden’ features in a vst is suddenly shown and there’s almost always something you dont know from the gui itself or its poorly designed.
For example dry wet controls THAT ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT
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