I after three years I think I just learned to use this properly.

Try a conservative amount on synths and snares.


Would you like to be any more vague?

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btw ive been using bitcrushers to lower bit depth on some stuff on the latest thing im trying to do and it (obviously) brings up the average level loads. mental never thought to use it that way. obviously you can only do it on something that will be okay with degraded sounding quality to it (Im using it on nes style blips)

u mind explaining how u use it, i’ve been using it a bit to get a bit of added saturation on drums but i’m sure i could get more out of it as a tool

Theres sample rate or bit rate and sample depth. sample depth is the dyamic range (volume) and sample rate is how many bits of data are processed in one second. reducing the dynamic range in this way literally chops the tops off your waveforms more and more the lower it is. it is basically digital clipping which is where the grittyness comes from. sample rate makes an obvious effect when you lower it resulting in the slightly vocal bitcrushed sound. (no idea how it rly works)


You’re adding some noise in the form of randomness. It’s a digital equivalent to saturation or distortion.

It can add some brightness to snares/claps, and give a strained, video game, digital character to synths, like some of Joker’s stuff. The synth needs a lowpass on it for you to properly hear the effect.

You can use it more heavily on a wobble bass to make it yoy.

If you’re using Ableton’s Redux, I use the downsampler on about 9 or 10 to add brightness/character, and about 40 for a yoy.


thank u thank u, i was asking about bitcrushing but that is something i’ve been meaning to ask for tiiime, use redux sometimes to add dirt to hats but never really understood it

playing with ableton redux has had some very painful moments when using headphones and overdoing it

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am i right in thinking redux and some delay/reverb is how you get those dusty shimmery open hats i hear in more techno type tunes, the one’s the kinda make a constant wave of like ‘shhhhhh’

sorry if that’s a crap description i’ll try and find an example

It probably comes from low-bit samplers? Yes, you could emulate it.

Have you tried using whitenoise for hihats?

  • saturation or/and distortion can make it sound pretty techno to me anyway.
    Another option would be to just sample whatever hihats you like and try and make them your own somehow.

Not sure if I’m on the same page, but those might be open 808 hats.

you can get that techno endless hat effect by using an 808 open hat, turning up the attack, decay, sustain and release all the way, and using 16ths for the MIDI notes


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