Lil Durk album droppin on the 2nd :pray: :fist: :100: :six_pointed_star: :scream: :lips: :raising_hand:


not quiet drill but new Sicko Mobb tape is nice 5 tracks in

anthem after anthem imo

hook is :fire:

Loved signed to the streets was not really feeling number 2 like allot of his other features really looking forward to this. I hop he has some paris beuller & young chop productions on there

did u ever find that one from the lucky me show



oi lemon where are you from/live btw ?

so you, lil b and letterman and pacers then

thats what i know

constantly underrated

Enjoy m80s

"I neva fall in love with a dumb bitch" :fire_engine:


this one

1 BigUp

definitive chiraq tune imo

heavy young chop beat on this

best chiraq so far
this ain’t even a remix

catchy af
leaned up part thoooo

i dont pay attn. to drill anymore but i noticed that this song never dropped

i remember periodically checking throughout 2013