Drum loop sampling

So say I wanna use a drum loop from one record and use it for production purposes, how would I go about this? I figured I’d cut the loop from the tune but I’m not sure where I’d go next

depends on ur daw and whether you’ll use the loop as an audio part or midi triggered by a sampler, but essentially you just cut the loop, save it as an audio file and import it in ur daw/open it in ur sampler.

would I go about adjusting bpm/pitch of the sample within my daw then?

ye, again the exact process depends on what ur gonna use, most daws/samplers will have a way to timestretch the sample if needed




fair enough

U can slice the beats up and load em into a sampler if u wanna fully change the rhythm of the sound like u are making a jungle tune. I use recycle its old but it works brilliantly and the rx2 files can be read by most samplers

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i prefer working with audio when chopping breaks, it can get a bit messy, though

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chop into audio pieces and fuck around