DRUMS in music 2020

So … drums have a hard time being really dope ‘on their own’ right now.
There’s noone making forward thinking drum shit atm and maybe not for a few years.

Might be that trap started using drum machines and owning that, putting techno drum machine nerds out to pasture - but thats been happening in the south with hiphip for years.
It’s just mainstream pitching a bunch of snares like kick rolls, by now.

Breakbeats are maybe in vogue in some genres still, but the breakwork has not peaked dnb and people say dubstep turned back into jungle - meaning there’s not that much new real identity to be found there either.

The arty garage-y breaks like Burial or El-B has been done for a while - the whole ‘found object as drums’- thing has been done.

There’s no new technology that is changing the sound of drums either afaik.
You edit some breaks as waves or you put some single shots into an akai.
The editing possibilities that for example happened to vocals like autotune recentish- came from drum programming, so there’s little new territory for a drum sound emerging out of those new ‘time and pitch’ features either.
Although they do sound more natural than before.

We have often have said on snh, that tunes that stand the test of time are tunes with the best drum work.
Seems the last few years have been too retro for it’s own good on the whole.
We need newer drum sounds and newer riddims.
Come on 2020 with that cucumber fresh, apple bite, basketball kick, chain slash drum.

Right? :drum: :oil_drum: :drum: :oil_drum: :headphones: :floppy_disk: :pencil2: :axe: :clamp: :video_game: :firecracker: :fast_forward: :fast_forward: :fast_forward: :fast_forward: :fast_forward: :fast_forward: :cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face: :zzz: :zzz: :zzz: :100: :sweat_drops: :bomb:

zaytoven 808 and clap is all we need


i mean hip hop dont need to reinvent itself too much since its completely mainstream by now
but dance music definitely does and even more so - avant garde or niche dance stuff

Be the change you want

Maybe invent Future Ember Breaks


Right well

Well this is completely wrong

None of them are on their own tho :hmm:

Hossam is such a banger

Strike two


will listen later

oh i think i am. I consciously try to make a new drum sound every tune.
But my little weird shit, is not the state of contemporary dance music.

Drum sounds have been ‘stale’ for atleast a decade now.
I think I wrote the same post five years ago.

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lol what


Due to having a retarded mod post tunes with more than jus drums imma do the same:

Although most of these jus sample tribal shit

I mean its fun and a bit different.
I dont think anyone would say these tunes ‘stood out’ or that the drums where that new or original tbf.

No, you read the post wrong.

Not saying drums on their own, but producers with a drum sound everyone has to recognize as something that sets off the tune and really stand out. Like if the whole attitude came from the drums’ sound or the programming.

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Ah ok my bad looks like i’m the retarded one.

So like Burial, Rezzett etc?

exactly, a bit of world music influence but then programmed like any of the big main genres

same happened with dnb last decade its just happening to ‘dubstep’/garage now

they are great but those guys stuff is 5 - 7 years old by now



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its all very post-embers pre- moop in the scenes