Drumsss tips

Taking any tips all tips for Drums. Looking for different type of EQing, mixing, and mastering for different genres. Anything would be great!!

My favorite type of drums are from Zomboy, Koan Sound, and Spor.

look around the forum a bit…

there is a thread dedicated to “zomboy drums” iirc

try processing all drums as a single stereo channel


Use the Search;

im almost positive this guy is just trying to get his post count up so he can spam links to his soundcloud anyways…

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maybe, but he hasnt even responded. anyway, I am always up for another drums thread myself…

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Dude if I wanted to get my count up I would spam a lot more than a post ya think. I just started this thing. I don’t think it’s so bad to ask a question again.
So ya thanks. don’t live on this site just looking for help.

haha sry m8, welcome to dsf

in his denfense starting threads to up post count so new members can spma their crap is more common than people actually wanting to get involved

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i used to like using reverb and compressor sends to my drum rack in ableton but think you get much better sound out of selectively applying the 2 where you want, and end result has been punchier

ie most tunes i’ll compress snare and maybe a tiny reverb but otherwise leave the drums dry, the punch and presence in the tune comes from how you mix them instead, and yeah start with a good sample, not necessarily a snare with punch in all the right places on spectrum but one with character, i’ve fucked a lot of tunes beyond repair by starting with a weak kick too

saturator on hats

use overdrive as a compressor to make things really nasty by upping the drive and turning down the dynamic range (ableton stock overdrive can do this don’t know about others)

that’s my recent thoughts

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When I mix tracks I base everything around the drums. The kick’s always the loudest element (usually around -14db), then the snare/sub (depends on the feel you’re going for). Wholistically, nothing ever goes above -6, generally between -12 and -8 though.
I rarely do too much more than add some reverb/delay, panning, and eq when processing drums.
In FL studio there’s a thing called a “Formula Controller” which I set to a sine curve that varies with song time, or random, and then link the L/R of stereophonically identical sounds to it so they’re panned.
Recently, been dabbling with kick distortions, and I use Reso’s ‘sum of many small parts’ method for this. I try and keep hats fairly low in the mix because I’m scared of people going deaf if/when they hear my unmastered crappola on a system.
Also, sidechaining will help you get ‘bigger’ (not really, but relatively) kicks/snares. I only really use it for the kick though. One thing that may be particularly helpful is making the kick’s fundamental frequency duck on the sub’s track. Though that’s easier to do in FL than other DAWs, as far as I know.

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Out of interest, what sort of bass did you use on hunting season? I love the punch it has to it, at first I thought you had layerd each bass note with a kick but on further listening I’m not sure… Very nice snare on that tune too, drums sounds really crisp.

Cheers man! Glad you feel it.
If I recall correctly it was a pitch-bent sine/triangle combo, not too intensely bent, and it was layered with the kick a lot, which helped, but it was it’s own channel/track.

Edit - just checked, and it was just a triangle with the pitchbending envelope set to maximum, no attack, short decay (perhaps a fifth shorter than the one on the volume). No detune or anything. Ran it through a medium distortion, stupidly overcompressed it, then stuck a LP filter with midi envelope controlling it, resonance set to about 60-70%, cutoff peaking at about 40-50%.
Then I took a limiter and linked the gain to another midi envelope, to restore some dynamics, bass boosted, and then another limiter on top to keep it from peaking, and apparently to get rid of the dynamics I sought earlier in the chain, in the mixer.
Excuse the redundant methodology, tune’s quite old tbh.

Oh, and the midi envelopes were playing the same rhythm as the original patch.

Looking for hi hats. I’m after some one shot hi hat mp3/wav files that have the same hat being played open and closed, I don’t mind if they are real or artificial. Got loads of one shots etc on my HD so I’ll trade if anyone can help. :slight_smile:

try this pack

dont EQ juh dromz

filter envelope the high end on non cymbals

mono everything and then unmono one or two sounds later

,- - - play the kick and the snare on their own for a bit and fit their vol level to your sub

Thanks Syrup, I’ll have a look later.

Edit- the link doesn’t seem to be working?


oh well, thought it was bigger than 6 samples